3 Methods to Uninstall Visual Studio Code in Windows 11

Are you looking on how to uninstall visual studio code or reinstall vscode in Windows 11 then you’ve landed on the right page?

We’ll show you how you can uninstall visual studio completely including all extensions in this article. 

Visual studio code is the most popular IDE for programming languages. VS code gives you the options of installing different extensions which help us to edit programming code with ease. As a web developer, you must use Visual studio code because it is the best option to use.

In some cases we need to uninstall VS code and install it freshly. After reading this article completely, you’re able to delete Microsoft Visual Studio code completely with all extensions.

Let’s get started without any ado

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How to Uninstall Visual Studio Code

This section walks you through uninstalling Visual Studio using different methods. You can use any methods as per your comfort.

Method 1 - Uninstall VS code from Programs and features.

  1. Search Visual Studio Code in the Windows Start Menu, you’ll see VS code.
uninstall visual studio code
Type Visual Studio code in The Windows Start Menu

2. Right click on Visual Studio Code, you’ll see the Uninstall option, click on it.

3. Once you click Uninstall, Programs and features will be open where you need to select Microsoft Visual Studio Code and hit Uninstall as shown in the image below.

4. A pop-up will open, click on Yes to uninstall the Visual Studio Code. It will take a little time and VS code will be removed from your computer completely.

visual studio code uninstall

Note: You can directly open the Programs and features tab. To do this, search the control panel in the Windows search bar > Programs (Uninstall & Program). Now you can uninstall VS code.

Method 2 - Uninstall VS code from App & Features.

To remove all installations of Visual Studio 2022, and the Visual Studio installer from your machine, uninstall it from Apps & Features.

  1. In Windows 11 or 10, 8.1, and 8, type Apps & Features in the “Type here to search” box. And click on Apps & Features.
apps and features

2. After clicking apps & features, all the installed apps will open. Where you need to find Microsoft Visual Studio Code > Click three dot > Uninstall.

ms vs code

Method 3 - Remove VS Code Including All Settings and Extensions

This method lets you to delete Microsoft Visual Studio Code completely including all settings and extensions. The above two methods might not remove VS Code settings and extension. So, you need to use this method to remove VS code completely from your system.

Video Credit: Cool IT Help

Following steps are required to completely remove Visual Studio Code IDE from Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 8.

Step 1: Right click on Visual Studio Code desktop icon and go to open file location.

Step 2: Find unins000.exe and double click on it to uninstall. 

Step 3: Now we need to delete the code folder from the directory C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Code.

Step 4: Finally, we will delete the .vscode folder from the directory C:\Users\name\.vscode.

Step 5: Please restart Windows once. 

Finally, your Microsoft Visual Studio Code completely has been removed from your machine. You can reinstall VS Code in your system. 


I hope this article helped you to Uninstall Visual Studio Code completely from your device. If you want to remove VS Code completely including all settings and extensions then you must use method third. If you’ve any questions, please let me know in the comment box.

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