Two Useful Tips from Experts in Open TIF Files on Android

Are you searching for how do I open TIF or TIFF files on an Android phone, then you’ve landed on the right page?

This tutorial will give you the helpful method to open TIF (.tiff) files on Android devices, tablets, and other operating system like Windows, mac. 

Also, you will learn how to convert a TIF file to a PDF in an easy way.


Before diving into how to open a TIF file on an Android smartphone, tablet, or any other device, first let’s know about what is TIF file?

What is a TIF file?

TIF stands for “Tagged Image Format,” a computer file containing an image file of high-quality graphics format. TIF and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) are synonyms of each other. 

The Aldus Corporation developed the extensions .tiff or .tifin 1986, 35 years ago, as a universal image format for various scanning, word processing, image manipulation, computer platform, and document scanners. But now TIF image format has been acquired by Adobe Inc

This image format is very famous and popular because it can be edited and re-saved without losing the image’s original quality.

TIF image format is supported in all popular image editing software and applications.

Note: Don’t be confused about .tiff and .jpeg. Both are the extension for the image. Here’s the basic difference between TIF and JPEG image format.

What is the difference between a TIF and JPEG?

TIF files are much larger than JPEGs. They’re also lossless, which means you’ll not lose the quality of the images after saving and editing the file. Doesn’t matter how many times you edit the file. 

TIFF files are perfect image format while editing photos in Photoshop software or any other image editing tools.

While you edit a JPEG file format image and save it, you may lose the quality of the image. Also, it may reduce or increase the file size. 

You can also convert a TIF file into JPG format. Later on, I will discuss.

What is the TIF file used for?

TIF files are utilized in publishing and other areas of graphic design for their capability to create a deep color. It’s the standard file used for scanning desktop image files and can be compressed or uncompressed.

Now let’s move to our main topic how to open TIF or TIFF files on Android Phones.

Easy Step for Open TIF Files on Android Smartphones

open tif files on android

There are tons of Android apps available in the Google Play Store through which you can open TIF files on your Android Phone.

You can use two popular apps Multi-TIFF Viewer Free and Free TIFF Viewer, to open TIF files.

How do I open TIF file from Multi-TIFF Viewer Free App?

Multi-TIFF Viewer Free is the best android app that allows to open single and multi-page TIFF files. If you want to open TIF file then I recommended to you use this app.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for how to open TIF file.

Step 1: Open Multi-TIFF Viewer app (If you’ve already) otherwise go to Play Store and search for this app, and install it. Else, you can download the multi-Viewer apk file from here.

Note: Make sure you’ve installed right app. Here’s the picture how this app looks like.
multi tiff viewer free

Step 2: After successful installation, open the Multi-TIFF Viewer app.

Step 3: Once you open the app, End User License Agreement will open, you’ve to click on Accept.

Step 4: After click on Accept, it will ask some permission then you have to click on Allow.

tiff viewer for android

Step 5: Now, you’ll see open file icon. Click on it and it will navigate to your device directory (internal storage).

open file

Step 6: Finally, go to your internal or SD card storage and find the .tif files that you want to view.

Note: This app will not allow to edit the TIF file.

Open TIF file using Free TIFF Viewer for Android

Free TIFF Viewer is another android app that allow to open .tif file on android smart phones. Here’s the guide how to open TIF file using TIFF viewer.

Step 1: First, open the File Viewer for Android (If you’ve already installed the app) otherwise you can download it form Play Store. To install this app, go to play store and search for File Viewer for Android and install it.

file viewer for android

Step 2: After install the app, open it.

Step 3: Once you open the app, you will see continue option, click on it.

Step 4: In the next step, you will see two options ‘Remove Ads Now’ or ‘Continue with Ads’. If you will choose the first option (Remove Ads now) the you’ve to subscribe its yearly subscription. And if you don’t want then choose second option (Continue with Ads). Here I’m selecting Continue with ads.

continue with ads
Note: If you select continue with ads option, then you’ll see ads on the app.

Step 5: It will ask allow access permission, you’ve to click continue and allow.

Step 6: Finally, go to the directory (internal or SD card storage) and find the .tif file that you want to open.

Note: File Viewer for android app doesn’t allow editing of your TIF files.

How do I open a TIF file in Chrome?

Open the TIFF file quickly and for free without having to download and install any desktop software.


If you’re using desktop or laptop and want to open TIF or TIFF files without installing any software then TIFF viewer for Google Chrome is the best extension to open such kind of file.

Actually, the TIF file not available in only android. Even it supports also other operating system such as Window 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13, and macOS 10.12.

So, if you have Google browser in your system then you can easily open the TIFF file without installing software.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to open TIFF or TIF files on Chrome browser.

Step 1: First, you’ve to install the software TIFF viewer for Google Chrome.

tiff viewer for google chrome
Image Source: TIFF Viewer for Google Chrome
Note: This is an extension not any software that you’re installing in your system.

Step 2: Once you install the extension, you’ll see one TIFF icon on your chrome browser at the top right corner. Click on it.

tiff icon
Note: This extension also supports on Opera browser. If you don’t have chrome browser then you can use it on Opera.

Step 3: After click on TIFF icon, TIFF viewer will open.

tiff viewer

Step 4: Finally, you need to find the .tif or .tiff file from your PC or Google Drive and open it.

How to open TIF files in windows 10

If you want to open TIF file in your windows 10 then you’ve two options. Either you can download TIFF viewer chrome extension or you can use Windows default photo viewer.

Photo viewer are compatible with different versions of windows that can open a TIF file. But you can’t edit the file with these applications.

If you want to edit your TIF file, then read our next section.

How to Edit TIF Files

There are tons of application and software available to open the .tif files but they not allow to edit. Here I’m mentioning some software that will allow to edit or open TIF files.

The Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw is popular graphics and photo editing tools that allow to edit TIF files. But it is not available for free.

You can use a free photo editing tools GIMP that allows to open TIF files, editing, and saving in the same TIF format.

Also, you can open and edit TIF file in MS-Paint. But it will not allow to save file in same resolution.

How do I convert a TIF file?

Suppose you’ve an image with TIF format and you want to convert it another format such as PNG, JPEF, PDF, etc.

In this section, you’ll learn how to convert TIF or TIFF into another format.

1. TIFF file convert to JPG

Follow the following steps to convert TIF file to JPG format.

Method 1: Using MS-Paint.

Step 1: Open .tif file image with MS-Paint.

Navigate – Right click on image >> Open with >> Paint

Step 2: Now, click on File >> Save as >> Save as type >> JPG >> Save.

convert tiff to jpg

Method 2: Using Chrome Extension.

With the help of TIFF to JPG Converter chrome extension, you can easily convert the TIFF file to JPG online. To do this follow the steps.

Step 1: First, add this extension to your chrome or opera browser.

tiff to jpg converter
Image Source: TIFF to JPG Converter

Step 2: The TIFF to JPG converter will added to the chrome. You can see it on the top right cover under extension. Click on it.

tiff to jpg extension

Step 3: You will see converting tool, where you’ve to drag-drop the TIFF file or browser the file that you want to convert into JPG.

free converting tools
Image Source: Google Chrome

Step 4: Once your file will convert, you can save the file.

2. How do I convert a TIFF to a PDF?

In this section, we’re going to see how to convert a tiff to a pdf. 

You can use Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW software to convert it, but these tools are not available for free. So, We’ll discuss two free methods through which you can easily convert a TIFF to a PDF file. 

Method First: 

With the help of the default photo viewer that comes with a windows computer, you can save the TIFF or TIF images into PDF. To do this, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Open the image with a photo viewer.

Step 2: Click the Print icon on the top right corner.

convert tiff to pdf

Step 3: Once you click the print icon, a new screen will open where you have to select Microsoft Print to PDF and Click the Print.

free converting tools

Step 4: A new tab will open to enter the file’s name and click Save.

save tiff file to pdf

Step 5: Your .tiff file image will convert into PDF.

Method Second:

You can convert a TIFF file into a PDF online using chrome extension. To do this, follow the steps.

Step 1: Add TIFF to PDF converter extension to your chrome.

tiff to pdf converter

Step 2: Once you will add this extension, tiff to pdf converter will open. Select the .tiff image and click convert.

tiff to pdf

Step 3: After converting the file, save your file as pdf.


I hope this article helped you to open TIF files on an Android phone. If you’re facing any problems, then comment in the below box.

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