One-Click Empty Cache Data on Android Device

Empty Cache Data on Android Device: You must have come across this problem at some point, or the mobile hangs or slows down. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Let us know why this happens.

Due to your continued use of the phone, and when you delete some unwanted files, it saved into the trash folder in the form of cache data. Which also takes up the storage of your mobile. Due to this, your mobile phone starts getting a little slow and sometimes even hangs. With this, your Android phone’s internal storage also gets full.

The mobile hang problem mostly comes in those Android phones with less than 2GB of RAM and less internal storage (Budget phone). But sometimes, this problem can occur even on good Android phones.

You must have seen that sometimes mobile becomes slow due to history cookies and cache files in mobile. In this way, you have to clear the browser’s history, cookies, and cache files to boost your phone performance.

In the same way, you can improve the performance of your mobile by deleting such unwanted files from trash.

But the question is, where is the trash folder? Do android phones have to recycle bin folders? How to empty trash on an Android device?

First, there is no recycle bin in the Android operating system. All deleted files keep in the trash as cache.

Today in this article, we will know how to empty trash on an Android phone.

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Two Simple Methods to Empty Trash on Android Device

There are two methods to clear unwanted files from trash. First, delete from settings, and second is empty from a specific application.

1. Clear Trash from Settings Option

Navigate: Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached Data > Ok
  1. Open Settings ⚙️ of your Android Phone.
  2. Find Storage 💾 and open it.
  3. Tap on Internal Storage.
  4. Scroll down the page and find cached data 🗂️.
  5. Once you click on cached data, it will take a few seconds to calculate the data. After that, it will show you the occupied total data inside the cached.
  6. Tap on cached data; a pop-up will open (clear cached data?) where you need to tap OK.
  7. After clicking 🆗, all your cached data will empty. Also, it will increase your internal storage memory.

Now move to the second method.

2. Empty Cache Data of Particular Application

Whenever you use any application, it saves some data in the form of cache files. These files occupy internal Storage and can slow down your phone performance. If you don’t want to clear all cached data from an Android phone, you can delete it from an individual app.

To empty cached data from specified app, follow the following steps.

Settings > Storage > Internal shared storage > Apps > Open any one app > clear cache.
  1. Go to your phone Settings ⚙️.
  2. Navigate the storage option and tap on it.
  3. Tap on Internal shared Storage. When you click on it, you will see available and used memory by each system.
  4. Tap on Apps.
  5. You will see all installed apps on your Android phone. Open any one app., for example, Chrome.
  6. Click on Clear Cache.

You can do the same process for each apps to clear cache.

Note: After empty all cache data from your Android phone. Re-start your phone for improve performance.

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Empty Cache Data from Third-Party Application

There are many third-party apps available that help to clean cache files. Here I’ll recommend you to use a Phone Cleaner. This apps has more than 10 million and 4.7 stars in the Play Store. So, you can install this application.

Here’s the process of how to use this app to clean cache files and improve phone performance.

  • Open phone cleaner app.
  • Tap Junk Files bottom left corner.
  • Once you click, it will scan all junk files. After the scan, tap on Clean.
Note: If you don't have Phone Cleaner app in your phone then you can download it from Play Store. 

How to Empty Trash on Samsung S10

If you use Samsung S10 and want to delete temporary cache files, then follow the given steps.

  1. Go to your Android Phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on Apps or Apps and notification.
  3. Once you open Apps, you’ll see all installed applications in your Phones.
  4. Open any one app that you wish to empty. Suppose you open Google photos.
  5. Now, you will see clear cache, tap on it.

Empty Trash Google Photos

  • Open Settings ⚙️ of your Android Phone.
  • Find Apps & notifications and open it.
apps notifications
Apps & Notifications
  • Tap on Photos.
  • Navigate Storage and open it.
  • Tap on Clear Cache. Before empty cache files, you can see the cache memory is 158MB.
clear cache
Clear Cache
  • After clear cache, you can see cache memory is 0B. That means it delete 158MB save junk or temporary files.
empty cache
Cache Remove

Empty Trash in Gmail

  1. Open the Gmail app on your phone.
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines top left corner and find Trash.
  3. Click Empty Trash now.


I hope you liked the empty cache data on the Android device post. You know various methods to clean up and empty Trash on Android phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to empty trash on Android?

No! Unlike Windows or Mac, there is no Recycle bin or Trash folder in an Android phone. Therefore, If you want to remove unwanted cache files or junk files from your Android phone, you can clear them one by one from apps. To do this: Go to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Apps > Chrome (Open any apps that you want) > Clean Cache.

How to Find Trash on an Android Device?

There is no trash folder on Android Phones. But, if you want to delete junk files from your phone, you can delete them from phone settings. Here’s the steps:
Open Settings > Tap on storage option > Click on Internal shared Storage > Tap on Apps > You will see all installed apps on your Android phone. Open any one app., for example, Chrome > Click on Clear Cache.

How do I clean up my Android Phone?

1. Open Android phone’s Settings.
2. Go to Apps (or apps and notifications) settings.
3. Open any one app that you wish to clean.
4. Tap on Clear Cache and Clean Data to remove the unwanted temporary files.

How to Empty Trash Deleted files on Android Tablet

You can’t go to the trash folder in Android because there is no trash folder. But you can remove temporary files from individual apps. Go to Settings > Apps > Open any one app > Clear Cache & Clear Data.

How Do I Complete Delete Files From my Android Phone?

This process deletes all the data from your phone. It is quite a simple process as formatting a hard disk. If you want to delete files from your phone permanently, then you need to reset your phone.

Best cleaning app for an Android Phone.

There are plenty of cleaning apps available in the Play Store but few of them are good. Phone Cleaner is good cleaning app for clean all junk and temporary files from Android phone. You can download this cleaner app from Play Store.

How do I Free Up Space on my Android Phone?

To free up space on Android phones, you can delete junk or cache files, uninstall the unused app, delete all download files. These methods are sufficient to free up space.

So what method did you try? Is this article helpful for you? Let me know in the comments section down below! 

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