How to get Google to Index Your New Post Instantly on WordPress

Do you want more traffic to your website?

Then your website content should be visible to the audience.

It is the very first step before your website can see any organic traffic coming from Google search engine (popular search engine over the world). 

And, it can be possible only when Google gets indexed your post immediately whenever you publish a new content on your site.

But, you’re on this page because your post or page is not indexed instantly by Google search engine.

If I’m right?

Then don’t worry…

Today, In this tutorial I’m presenting with you step by step instructions for setting up on Google Search engine using Google search console Index API through a plugin Instant Indexing on WordPress site. 

By doing these settings, your post, and page will be indexed by Google Instantly, that is called fast Indexing.

Without any delay, let’s get started.

What is Instant Indexing for Google?

Instant indexing is a feature offered by Google which allows users to submit content or websites for immediate basics to index in the search engine. 

Which means, your post will be visible to the audience within minutes or hours, known as fast indexing. 

You can do it by two methods, either you can submit your content URL one by one in the Search console or you can use Instant indexing plugin for automatically indexing. 

This tutorial is for WordPress users who are using the Rank Math SEO plugin.

What are the Benefits of Fast Indexing?

Rank Content Faster — Since Rank Math indexing plugin uses Google search Indexing API to submit content automatically to search engines which makes your content visible on SERP faster than manually sitemap submission. This technique is helpful for sites like news or live blogs.

Drive More Traffic than your Competitor — Especially, if you’re running news or live blog site then Fast indexing method will help you to rank your article even before your competitor. The result of this will be that people will come to your site first, which will increase the traffic to your site. Moreover, you should have good on-page SEO.

Improve Domain Authority — When your content will be visible to search engines instantly every time you update it. Which is a good signal for  SERP, and it will help you improve your DA.

What are we required for Setting up?

For setting up for fast indexing, you need to install few things which are given below:

  • A WordPress site
  • Account on Google search console
  • Rank Math SEO plugin
  • Instant indexing plugin for Google by Rank Math

How to Set up Fast Indexing on the WordPress site

Follow the following steps to set up your WordPress site for Fast indexing with Google search console API.

Step 1 — Download and Install Rank Math Plugin

install rank math seo plugin
Install Rank Math SEO Plugin

If you’ve already, skip this step. Otherwise, Go to your WordPress dashboard > plugins > Add new > Search Rank Math SEO > Install and Activate it.

Step 2 — Install Instant Indexing for Google Plugin

install instant indexing plugin
Install Instant Indexing for Google

Now, install and activate “Instant Indexing for Google” by Rank Math. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search for Instant Indexing > Install & Activate it.

Step 3 — Login to Google Cloud Console

You have to login for the Google API console. You can use the same email id for login which is registered with Google search console.

select a project
Create New Project

Once you’ll login, go to select a project > New project.

Step 4 — Create & Set up a New Project

Now, you’ve to create a new project. First, enter the name of the project (choose anything), and click “Create”.

new project
Enter project name

Wait for a few seconds, your new project will be ready.

Click “Navigation menu” > IAM & Admin > Service accounts.

Service accounts

Now, tap on “+Create service account”.

Create service account

Enter service account name and short description about your account. For example, Samsung (account Name), and Guide for Samsung User (Description). 

After that click “Create and Continue“.

Service account details

Select “Owner” as a role, and hit “Continue”.

Service account Role

Leave the third option, and hit “Done”.

users access

Now, copy the highlighted email, and tap on three horizontal lines and then “manage key” (as shown in below picture).

Manage Key

Click “Add key” > “Create new key”.

create new key
Create New key

A pop up will open, where you need to select “JSON”, and click “Create”.

create private key
create private key

Once you click create, a new JSON file will download.

Now go to your Google cloud dashboard.

google cloud dashboard
Google cloud dashboard

Under APIs, click Go to APIs overview.

Click Go to APIs Overview

Click “Enable APIS and Service”.

enable apis and service
Enable APIS and Service

Now, search for “Indexing API”.

Search for Indexing API

You will see two results, click “Indexing API”.

indexing api

Enable Indexing API.

Enable Indexing API

Step 4 — Add User in Google Search Console

We’ve successfully created and set up a new project for Google indexing API. Now, it’s time to add users in the Google Search console. 

To add new users, go to Google search console (select the same property for which you created Indexing API) > Users and permissions > Add User (top right corner).

add users in search console
Add User

Now, enter the same email that you copied in the previous step. Select owner as a permission and hit Add.

add user

Step 5 — Setup Instant Indexing on WordPress

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard > Rank Math > Instant Indexing > Google API Settings.

instant indexing google api settings
Instant Indexing Google API Settings

After that you’ve to choose the JSON file that you downloaded in the previous step. Once you upload the JSON file, select “Post”, and “Page” options, and then click “Save Changes”. It’s done!

You have successfully connected your WordPress site with Google Console API for fast Indexing. 

Now, whenever you publish a new content on your site, Google bots check your site immediately and will crawl/index your post instantly.

Final Verdict

I hope this article helped you to set up your WordPress with Google indexing API. The Rank Math instant indexing is a very useful plugin for WordPress users. If you’re not using this plugin then go ahead and download it now. 

If you’ve any questions or problems related to Rank Math Instant Indexing or Google Indexing API then please comment your query in the comment box below. I will definitely help you.

You can appreciate me after sharing this post. Thank You.


What is Instant Indexing in Rank Math?

Rank Math Instant Indexing features allows you to submit URLs to search engines and help you to index your site and content immediately. You don’t need to submit URLs manually for crawling. This tool automatically will check your site whenever you publish a new content.

How do you do Instant Indexing?

If you will set up your WordPress site with Google API then you don’t need to do anything for Instant indexing because Google bots will index your all content automatically. Otherwise, you can go to the Instant indexing tab under Rank Math in WordPress dashboard, and submit the bulk URLs or one in the Instant indexing section.

How do I use Google Indexing API?

If you want to use Google Indexing API then please visit and search for fast Indexing, you can read a complete detailed article on How to set up Google Indexing AP

What is Quick Indexing?

Quick indexing is also a general term of Instant indexing which helps us to index our site content automatically by Google search engine bots.

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