How was My Experience So Far With Hostinger Web Hosting!

Review:- Hostinger Web Hosting

Easy of Use


Hostinger has a simple and attractive cPanel that’s really designed from the ground up for ease of use.



At an affordable price, it provides many features that help you to manage websites with ease.



The price is almost affordable. It includes Unlimited databases, Multiple data centers, and daily backups.



I wanna give 5 ratings out of 5 because their crew is really technical and knowledgeable. They’ve knowledge about almost everything related to hosting as well as WordPress.

We Like

We Don't Like

Summary: Hostinger is the best web-hosting provider on the market today and I highly recommend it. URPN blog is currently hosted on Hostinger Cloud hosting servers. Their performance, speed, and support are unbelievable that We can’t imagine. They have a highly knowledgeable support crew who are always there for your help. 

This is why I put this review tutorial. To help you make the right decision whether you’ve to invest on Hostinger Web-hosting or not. Enjoy! 

Price Start at $1.99/month (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Hi there! Welcome to Hostinger Web Hosting review. We’ll present to you my honest review and the reasons why I migrated to Hostinger Cloud Web Hosting in this post. I’ll also share my opinion whether this hosting is right for you.

Why I Choose Hostinger Web Hosting?

Let me be honest with you!

When I started my blogging journey with GoDaddy hosting, I was not getting good speed times for my site. I had tried everything to get good page load times such as I changed my theme, optimized image and content, Install WP Rocket, and other caching plugin but the problem for me was slow load times. 

Later, I decided to change my hosting provider with good customer support and also page load times. Because hosting is the foundation of any online business and I decided to shell out some extra money to get a good host.

That’s when I came across Hostinger web hosting. Many of the popular bloggers in the blogosphere were using it. 

So, I thought why not give it a chance?

And the result is here:

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website performance

I think 939ms page load time is not bad. I got this load speed time because of Hostinger cloud hosting and GeneratePress theme. I’m not using any caching plugin.

Well, there are many other reasons that force me to change hosting providers. I can’t talk all about that but I can give you the proper and honest review about Hostinger Web hosting including its features, price, pros & Cons, in this tutorial.

Buckle up your seat belt and be ready to fly!

Hostinger - An Introduction

Hostinger is the best and fastest web hosting service provider with a ton of features to launch a professional website. 

It was founded in 2011 but their origin story goes back to 2004. Launched as a small web hosting company in kaunas, Lithuania in 2004., a world leader in Free web hosting services, was launched in 2007. The first-class cPanel web hosting brand went live in 2008. 

Hostinger is available in 18 different languages nowadays. People from 40+ countries trust their websites to Hostinger. 

It is rated excellent on Trustpilot (4.2 TrustScore and 3,212 reviews). 

Hostinger is listed as #1 web hosting provider in 2021 by and Both are top ranked websites covering professional guidance, tutorials, and tips to help growing online businesses. 

Hostinger most popular web hosting plan:

No doubt, Hostinger is the best web hosting provider as compared to other hosting providers (According to my experience) and I highly recommend using Hostinger web hosting for better performance and user engagement.

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

Let’s dive into the review of the Hostinger Web hosting. Let me discuss the features, plans, and the support Hostinger has got to offer you.

After you complete reading this review, you’ll be clear whether to buy a Hostinger Cloud hosting package or not.

Note: If you really want long-time blogging or business and better user engagement then must think about Hostinger web hosting plan before choosing another platform. 

As with any other product that is available you will encounter pros as well as cons selecting Hostinger as your website’s web hosting provider. We’d like to highlight some of the main aspects that can work for Hostinger as well as a few potential downsides and give you the whole picture on which one is the right option for you.

What We Like (Pros):

The Speed. We Got It

It’s not a secret that the time it takes to load your site is crucial. If someone visits your site and is forced to wait for the site to load, they’ll never remain on the site for long. Indeed, a lot of users don’t want to wait for longer than a couple of seconds to have a website load.

speed loading time

This is why we are so happy Hostinger. Hostinger is able to provide fast speeds for hosting. And we’re not just basing it on what they say to every person on their site page, we’ve checked Hostinger’s speed for sharing hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting as well as WordPress hosting.

And Hostinger delivers. For each of the hosting options, we run an untested website via FreshPing for a whole month. Each of them averaged under one second load times and Hostinger’s VPS, Cloud and WordPress hosting both averaged about 470 milliseconds. This is incredibly fast and faster than any other hosting provider we’ve tested in these areas.

The speed offered by Hostinger hosting is excellent as I discussed earlier. As I told you earlier, When I wasn’t using the Hostinger hosting platform then I suffered from the website speed time. But after migrating to Cloud hosting, I managed to get the loading speed of my sites to under 1 seconds and even below 2 seconds for some of my sites.

Here’s What I got after migrating Cloud Web hosting!

website performance

Hostinger has servers that are not just located in the United States, but also in Asia and the UK This keeps the speed of loading fast regardless of the location you or your visitors are.

Amazingly Affordable Web Hosting Plan

It’s not just that you experience blazingly fast website speeds with Hostinger Web hosting package, these plans are priced at the most competitive prices in the market.

Shared hosting can be as cheap to $1.99 monthly for a single website and plans that can support more than one site or provide additional resources beginning with $2.99 each month. If you want to start a small business then business shared hosting is the best option for you and it starts from $4.99 each month that can support more than one site.

shared hosting plan
Hostinger Shared Hosting Plan

WordPress or VPS hosting aren’t the same amount of money also, and start with $1.99 and $3.95 per month, respectively.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan

If you need 4x more speed and building sites for large scale the Hostinger provides the best cloud hosting at a starting price $9.99 monthly for more than 300 websites. It provides you RAM and CPU cores facility including free domain and SSL. My site is hosted on Cloud hosting and I have been using Hostinger web hosting for the last two years and its performance is incredible.

cloud hosting
Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plan

Remember that the attractive rates offered are for a long-term commitment to 48 months in advance. This could be an issue if you’re not yet ready to commit four years in a row right away. On the other hand however, it lets you lock in that appealing price for a long time. Since it’s an affordable monthly cost it’s only an expense of $96 per month for shared WordPress hosting.

But, if you’re not looking to sign up for four years from the beginning, Hostinger has generously extended its best pricing for its Premium Shared Hosting plan to one-year commitments too. You can now pay only $41.88 now and get Hostinger’s most sought-after shared hosting plan for a whole year. It comes with a no-cost custom domain.

With all of that being said, subsequent positives that follow should make you feel more comfortable about signing up with Hostinger in addition to the benefit you’ll receive.

Cash-back Guarantee

30 days money back guarantee

Not satisfied with the Hostinger purchase? There’s no reason to be. You’ve got 30 days to test the service and receive your money back in the event that your experience isn’t what you expected. Be certain to keep in mind that renewal of domain names and privacy security are the only items that aren’t included in the 30-day money-back promise and you should keep it in your mind.

In other words, domain transfers, hosting as well as SSL certificate are all refundable within 30 days from the date of purchase.

A Free Domain

I have seen most of the web hosting providers don’t provide a free domain with a hosting plan. But In case of Hostinger, it provides a free domain with all hosting plans whether you’re purchasing shared hosting, WordPress hosting, or Cloud hosting. So, this is the best thing which I like about Hostinger. 

The Free Website Builder

Hostinger’s collaboration with Zyro allows you to access one the best web builders completely free when you sign up for a plan.

Zyro’s user-friendly builder is perfect for creating a professional website; however, you can develop an entirely functional online store using it, too. Begin with one of more than 100 templates, or drag and drop your way to creating a stunning website starting from scratch.

Whatever you choose, you’ll receive an online site builder free when you sign up for Hostinger which doesn’t require you to give up any flexibility to customize your site.

Easy to Use

Another thing we’ve liked about Hostinger during our testing of their hosting offerings is the ease of use of the users who are just starting out. With a simple interface, an easy setup and a dashboard that doesn’t demand that beginners take a full course to learn how to use Hostinger, Hostinger is beginner-friendly without sacrificing powerful tools or reliable servers.

This includes building your website after you’ve completed signing up with Hostinger and establishing the hosting account.

Best Customer Support

Hostinger does not offer phone support but it doesn’t matter because it’s live chat and email support are an effective way of getting help. Their technical support team is well trained and are available 24/7 to help when needed.

customer service response

Sometimes live chat isn’t available. In this situation, it’s transferred to some ticket/email system where you’ve to send your problem through email and the agent will reply within 10-15 minute with your proper resolution. 

I’ll be completely honest with you about Hostinger customer support because it is very crucial. Whenever you face any problem related to hosting, domain, and website, the only Hostinger technical agent can help you. 

Let me share one incident with you:

2-3 month ago (While I’m writing this post), I was faced with one problem related to our website. So, I sent an email to hostinger customer support with a proper explanation of my problem. And he resolved my problem within 1 hour. 

The problem was created due to SSL and I was using a free SSL certificate on my site. But the Hostinger technical team activated SSL Certificate absolutely free for lifetime. I’m very thankful to Hostinger customer support for that. 

So, I want to say only one thing, Hostinger customer support responses are awesome. They always try to solve the customer problem anyhow.

What We Don’t Like (Cons):

No Phone Support

Sometimes you need a real human on the phone to get help with a problem, and unfortunately Hostinger does not offer that option. The only way to get in touch with customer support is via a live chat and email, which is good, but isn’t the same as a phone call to walk you through things that are likely frustrating.

Apart from this, no other cons found with Hostinger.

Hostinger Web Hosting Pricing and Options

Hostinger has a huge number of different hosting packages for you to choose from. Each web hosting plan offers unique features that are suited for your specific needs.

Well, there is no free plan available with Hostinger, but the single shared hosting plan is affordable enough that it almost feels free. This is an ideal solution for beginners to start a small or medium business.

Single Shared Web Hosting

It is the most basic plan of Hostinger that offers to host one website including 30 GB SSD storage. With this plan, you can get 10000 visits monthly. This is great for those who don’t want to spend more money from their pocket for expensive web hosting. However, the bad thing about this is site speed could be compromised because there are so many other people using the same server. 

However, If you’re a beginner and just want to start a blog website, the Single shared hosting plan gives you what you need to get the ball rolling. 

The single shared hosting pricing starts at $1.99/month with a 30 days money back guarantee, and the price jumps all the way up to $3.99/month when you renew.

This plan offers you 1 website, 30 GB SSD storage, 1 Email account, Free SSL, 100GB Bandwidth, 2 Databases and much more.

Premium Shared Hosting

It is a perfect package for personal websites that offers everything such as 100 GB SSD storage, Up to 100 websites, Free email, Free SSL, Free Domain, Unlimited bandwidth, and databases, and many more. If you want to start the cheapest blogging then you can go with a shared hosting plan because it is sufficient for you. 

Pricing for this plan starts at $2.99/month with a 30-month commitment. You can save up to 75% if you sign up today. 

Business Shared Hosting

Business hosting plan is best for those who want to start a small business. With this hosting plan you can get everything included in the premium plan, plus daily backups, 4x times the processing power, 200 GB SSD storage, cloudflare CDN, and much more.

Cloud Hosting - For a Large Scale Project

If you’re wondering about starting eCommerce stores, news publications, social networks and other high-traffic websites then cloud hosting is best for that. 

Basically, to host such types of websites, you’ll need fast processing, high bandwidth, and large disk space storage to accommodate many visitors and the high amount of files and data they store. 

It can only be possible, when you host your site to cloud hosting. 

“Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that enables a website to use the resources of multiple servers, thus resulting in a faster performance”.

Hostinger provides you the best cloud hosting plan for you:

The basic plan of Hostinger cloud hosting starts from $9.99/month where you can host 300 websites. Also, you’ll get 200GB SSD storage, 3GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, free email, free SSL, free domain and many more.