GeneratePress Review (NOV 2022): Is GP Premium Worth It?

generatepress review

GeneratePress has excellent performance and clean code. The theme size is less than 30 kB, which is the most miniature WordPress theme you’ll find. It makes it extremely fast to load and is one of the fastest WordPress themes out there.

Easy of Use


You can easily design your website with page builder. It will be best with Elementor pro.



It comes with one of the best features like each and every customizer option right inside the customization page.



Their premium version of the theme comes with an affordable price including one time payment and life tile update. Also, GeneratePress is a freemium theme.



GeneratePress is built by Tom Usborne and he is super-fast in replying and answering. 

Price Start at $59

Are you searching for Impartial GeneratePress Review? Then, you are in the right destination!

In this tutorial, I’ll be presenting you with the features that GeneratePress themes has got to offer you, and also will help you decide whether this theme is right for you or not.

Let me be honest with you.

Recently, I’ve shifted Astra to GeneratePress because of the fast loading and lightweight theme. When I was not using the GP theme then my website performance score was around 60-70. Now, with Premium GeneratePress theme, my site performance is (you can see in the below image).

website performance

This site is made using the premium GeneratePress theme, Elementor pro and Hostinger web-hosting. So, if you’re one who wants to achieve this score then shift to premium GeneratePress.

No doubt, GeneratePress is lightweight and a superfast theme. It is a freemium theme so if you want to check the performance of GeneratePress, you can use it for free. And when you realize, it is the fastest theme then you can upgrade to premium. 

However, GeneratePress has many more advanced features, we’ll present you in this GeneratePress review post. 

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GeneratePress Review - An Overview

Ratings -

GeneratePress has excellent performance and clean code. The theme size is less than 30 kB, which is the most miniature WordPress theme you’ll find. It makes it extremely fast to load and is one of the fastest WordPress themes out there.

  • Name – GeneratePress
  • Type – WordPress Theme
  • Creator – Tom Usborne
  • Pricing – $59/year
  • Free Trial – No, but core theme is free
  • Coupon – N/A
  • Rating – 5/5 ⭐
  • Features – Lightweight, Clean Code, Fast-loading, Mobile-friendly
  • Competitors – Astra, OceanWP
  • Performance – Superb!
  • Easy of Use – Yes
  • Support – Quickly and Fast
  • Training – Proper Documentation Available
  • Refund Policy – Within 30 Days of your purchase
  • Website – 👉 Click Here

What is GeneratePress? Info

GeneratePress is one of the popular and lightweight freemium WordPress themes that focuses on speed and usability. It is a multipurpose theme that can be used to create any kind of website. GeneratePress has been one of the most-stable, fast, high-rated, and best supported WordPress themes in the market today.

It is available in both free and pro versions. The free version is also enough to build a responsive website. If you don’t need extra customizations and are knowledgeable enough to tweak some CSS code.

However, if you don’t want to mess with the CSS code, the features offered by the pro version of the GeneratePress will be beneficial for you.

The pro version of the GeneratePress can be activated using the plugin called GP Premium. After installing the plugin and entering the license, you can access these additional features.

GeneratePress premium lets you add additional features to design or customize your website such that you can hide title, and featured image, header, footer, Hook elements and more.

You can use drag and drop page builders to build your site, however since it’s fully compatible with the popular page builder. It seems that most users love Elementor, with this builder you can easily customize the design of your website. 

My site ( is built with GeneratePress premium and Pro Elementor page builder. 

GeneratePress Features Review


As I told you, GeneratePress is a freemium theme. Which means It is available for both free and pro version. The free version is also sufficient for you, if you want to build a responsive website. Only you need to compromise with its features because GeneratePress free does not give all the access to its features. 

Features of Free GeneratePress are:

  • Fully responsive and optimized
  • Custom CSS option
  • Access to basic customization like font family, font size and color, logo, etc.
  • Access to 14 modules to take your customization to the next level.
  • Edit every part of the website using page builder even without touching any code.

However, if you want complete access to its features then you need to purchase GP premium plugin. 

The pro version of the GeneratePress can be activated using the GP premium plugin. After installing the plugin, you need to enter the license key to get access to all the features. 

Once you activate the plugin using the license key, you’ll be able to customize each part of the website without touching single code or coding knowledge. But, if you’ve little knowledge about HTML, CSS, and PHP then you can use HOOK elements to add anything without using plugins such as disable website option from comment section, add social share icon, and more.

generatepress pro features
GeneratePress Pro Features Options

GeneratePress Review Pro Features

Once you activate the GeneratePress premium plugin using the license key, you need to go to the configuration page and activate the modules that are important for you. Because without activating the modules, you can’t access all the premium features of GeneratePress.

To activate all modules, go to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > GeneratePress. Where you’ll see all modules. You need to activate it one-by-one.

GP modules
GeneratePress Pro Modules

The modules elements of GeneratePress premium are:

  • Backgrounds
  • Blog
  • Copyright
  • Disable elements
  • Elements
  • Menu plus
  • Secondary Nav
  • Site Library
  • Spacing
  • WooCommerce

After activating all the modules, you can access each of the modules on your WordPress customization page.

The huge range of customization options and advanced pro features that it offers makes it very easy to build the professional website you envisioned. 

We’ll give you a deep dive into the pro features and what you can do with them.

Customize Interface

GeneratePress customizer is built into WordPress default customizer, so you don’t need to learn anything new in terms of the user interface. Go to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > Customize.


The customizer dashboard contains each of the important parts that will help you to customize the design of your site. 

Here, you can access the settings for site identity, layout, colors, typography, background images, header, footer, secondary navigation, sidebar widgets, WooCommerce, Custom CSS and more.

These all settings help us to give a beautiful look of website design. However, the customizer is a very important dashboard and generally we all know about this.

Let’s see the pro version of GeneratePress which gives you extra settings. 

Layout Section

The layout section lets you customize all the elements of your site such as header width, height, background color, text size and color, typography and more. Also, you can edit the secondary nav menu, blog content, footer section, sticky navigation. 

These all are the important parts of the website which will help you to design our site and optimize the speed of the website also. You can fix the size of the featured image, and container size. So, layout is the first section and most features are available in only premium GeneratePress.

Layout options in post/post editor (bottom right corner of editor page) allow you to configure page or post layout. You can change the sidebar layout, footer, and the page builder content container type.

You can also disable certain elements like featured image, top bar, header and footer. To use these features, you must activate the disable elements module

Customizing Color

This section allows you to edit colors of almost all the elements of the website such as body color, header color, primary & secondary navigation color, footer color, text color, link color, etc.

With the module you can also set the background color of the sidebar, footer, and navigation menu.

Background Images

This module lets you set background images for all the possible elements on your blog such as body, header, primary navigation, primary-sub navigation, secondary navigation, etc.



With the module you can customize the font style, family, and all the textual aspects of your site.

Additional CSS

additional css

If you’ve CSS knowledge, then you can tweak and customize the design of your site with ease. 

For example, I’m using simple CSS code to disable the website tab from the comment section so that people can’t submit the website URL whenever he/she comments on my site. 

CSS code for disable website tab from the comment section:

					.comment-form #url{


And here, you can see there is no website tab in our comment section.

disable website tab

In the above image, you can see only the comment, name and email box there. It means we just add simple CSS code and the website box has disabled. You can do this by using plugins also, but it may increase your website loading time.


This is one of the most powerful modules GeneratePress has to offer. With this you can add advanced tweaks and customization to your site with ease. 

As a developer, you’ll like this module and its features. If you are a newbie then you can also benefit from it. 


There are four types of elements: Block, Header, Hook and Layout

For access elements section, go to WordPress dashboard > Appearance > GeneratePress > Elements

Block Elements: This element lets you add a custom block anywhere into your post/page. For example, you can add affiliate areas in your blog post using block elements. 

Header Elements: This element lets you add a custom header. You can build a custom header using HTML and CSS.

Hook Elements: I love this feature of GP premium. Because, you can do whatever you want to do with your theme without using any plugin. This powerful feature lets advanced users and developers customize the site’s output without the need to use a child theme. For example, I added a floating social share icon on my website (left side) using PHP and CSS code. I’m not using any plugin for that. 

Layout Elements: It is another useful feature which allows you to style specific posts, pages, or parts of your site.

Note: Every element has a display rule where you want to add or use the elements on your site. You can select to display an element on your entire website or only on specific pages or posts. 

Site Library

The site library module enables access to dozens of ready-made site templates.

These templates can help you to design landing pages very quickly since it includes basic pages and demo content.

There is a filter section that lets you select template categories and are built with either Elementor or Beaver builder. If you do not wish to use any of these page builders, you can select none. 

Using pre-made templates, you can create beautiful and eye-catching landing pages for your affiliate product. I recommend using these templates with Elementor page builder or beaver builder because they will help you to design entire parts with ease. 

Before using any templates, you can view its details such as what plugins were used. And how it will look in mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

You can also configure whether to import the demo content or not. The image above shows a template that doesn’t use a page builder. 

GeneratePress Review: Pricing Details

It has two premium plans. One is a yearly plan and another is a Lifetime plan. If you will activate it yearly then you have to pay $59 for one year. After one year you can renew it to get it updates and premium support.

And if you will be activated GeneratePress for lifetime then you have to pay $249 (One-time payment). You will get lifetime updates and premium support.

GeneratePress offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if you want to check the performance of GeneratePress, you can use it for free. You’ll get limited access in the free version.  

However, when you realize it is the perfect WordPress theme for then you can upgrade into premium. 

GeneratePress Review: Pros & Cons

GeneratePress Support & Documentation

GeneratePress offers awesome community support for both premium users and as well free users. 

If you have purchased the pro version of GeneratePress then you can contact them through email to get support. Also make use of forums meant for pro users.

The GeneratePress has also awesome documentation to get help. The documentation support means you can read written articles related to the problem. You can follow the step-by-step process and implement it. 

However, GeneratePress has better support and documentation. They are with you all time, whenever you face any problem.

GP Premium Installation Guide

First, you need to install and activate the GeneratePress theme from or click here to download it.

After that, follow the step to install and activate it:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Click Appearance (From left navigation menu) and then themes.
  • Tap Add new (Top of your screen)
  • Search “GeneratePress”.
  • Hit install and activate it.

Now, if you want to access the premium features of GeneratePress, you need to purchase the GeneratePress pro, and install the GP premium plugin.

To install and activate the GP plugin, follow the steps.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard screen
  2. Click Plugin (left navigation menu)
  3. Click Add new (on the top of your screen)
  4. A new screen will open, where you need to click upload plugin (on the top screen)
  5. Choose GP plugin .zip format and hit install now
  6. After install, activate the plugin

This plugin will unlock the additional advanced features and modules that the pro version comes with.

Like other popular WP themes, GeneratePress supports child themes if you’re a developer.

Is GP Premium Worth It?

As I told you earlier, GeneratePress is a freemium theme.

The free theme comes with limited customization options but it is sufficient for creating an awesome free website. If you’re a developer you can add custom CSS and tweak customization options.

If you’re not a coder, and willing to do website design, GeneratePress is the best option. It comes with dozens of customization options and also you have the freedom to use the theme on your multiple websites. Also, you can build websites for your clients. 

However, I highly recommend using premium GeneratePress to do lots of things with your website. If you’re first time going to use GeneratePress, then you have a free version. You can upgrade it to pro.

Final Verdict

GeneratePress is the best WordPress theme on the marketplace. If you wish to create a niche site and are looking for a fast loading theme that fits your requirements for your niche sites then GeneratePress is the best option out there.

Its style and settings control give you the flexibility to turn it into any type of WordPress site. Or, if you are a developer and making a site for your clients then GeneratePress will save your time and effort to build a responsive site.

Additionally, GeneratePress is lightweight and smaller file size WordPress themes. So, if you are looking for the best responsive theme, using GeneratePress as your WordPress site’s foundation is a great decision.

If you combine your site with fast-loading hosting, you should have no problem making your site load in under one second. Like my website:

website performance

To get started with GeneratePress, you can download GeneratePress from and then purchase and install the GP plugin.

Let me recap the pro and free version of GeneratePress in detail, so that you can make the right decision before purchasing it.


GeneratePress Free

GeneratePress Pro

SEO Optmized



Mobile Friendly



No. of Websites



Primary Navigation



Secondary Nav



Sticky Nav



Site Library



Typography & Colors









FAQs on GeneratePress Review

Is GeneratePress Free Theme?

Yes, with the free version of GeneratePress Theme you will get limited features. But, if you need to access the amazing features of GeneratePress then you’ve to purchase the GP premium plugin. It will change you $59/year and $249 for lifetime (one time payment).

Which is Best Astra or GeneratePress?

Both are popular themes in the WordPress industry. It has some key differences like GeneratePress is lighter than Astra, Astra gives you more premium starter templates than GeneratePress, and more. According to me, you should try GeneratePress.

Do I need a Child Theme with GeneratePress?

No, you can directly edit your content via the customizer option. You can add or remove anything from this tab. Child themes are only required when you want to edit the template file.

Can I get GeneratePress premium free download?

No, you can’t download the GeneratePress premium for free. If you want to use GP premium then you’ve to purchase the licence version. But, you can get it for free, visit this site URL

What is a GP premium Plugin?

GP premium plugin allows you to access complete features of GeneratePress themes like elements, pre-built templates, modules, backgrounds, and more.

How do I use GeneratePress Premium?

To use GeneratePress premium, go to appearance > GeneratePress > Enter licence key and update it > activate all modules. After that go to Appearance > customise to edit your site.

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