4 Easy Step to Turn ON Dark Mode on Snapchat iOS

Tutorial – Easy step to turn on dark mode on Snapchat iOS

Are you looking for how to enable dark mode in Snapchat then you have landed on the right page. 
In this tutorial, you will learn step by step the process to turn on dark mode features in Snapchat for iOS devices.

Note: Snapchat doesn’t offer dark mode features for Android device.

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Snapchat Dark Mode Features

Do you know what dark mode features in Snapchat are? Well, this is an amazing feature of Snapchat through which you can change your Snapchat bright light screen into dark mode. 

The dark mode allows the user to see all the content precisely without affecting the eyes. In other words, the dark mode features in Snapchat is an option to darken the user screen, with high saturation and low contrast.

The most popular color of dark mode is black and somewhere you will also see the navy blue color. The dark mode feature prevents eye strain when looking at the screen in low-light conditions.

Nowadays, most websites and social media apps (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) give dark mode features so the people can enable and disabled it any time as per user requirements. 

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Snapchat iPhone

Enable dark mode on snapchat ios device
Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat iOS

To enable dark mode in iPhone, follow the following steps:

  • Access your Snapchat profile by clicking on “Bitmoji 👨‍🍼” in the top left corner on your screen.
Bitmoji snapchat
Tap on “Bitmoji”
  • Open your Snapchat settings by clicking the gear⚙️icon in the top right corner.
snapchat gear icon
Tap on “Gear” icon
  • Under My account, find the “App Appearance” option and tap on it.
app appearance snapchat
Click “App Appearance”
  • After clicking on it, you will see three options, if you always want to open your Snapchat in Dark mode then select the “Always Dark” option.
always dark mode
Select “Always Dark” mode
  • It’s done! Now Enjoy the Snapchat dark mode features.

How to Make New Account on Snapchat iOS (iPhone)

snapchat new account create
How to Make New Account on Snapchat, Image credit: pexels.com

If you’re iOS user and want to join Snapchat then you can do it by following the below steps:

  1. First, Download and Install the Snapchat app from the App store (If you have already, skip this step), and open it.
  2. Click on Sign up.
  3. Enter your First name and Last Name, and then tap on Sign up & Accept.
  4. Select your birthday, and hit continue.
  5. It will generate your username automatically, if you want to make a unique username then click change my username and then hit continue.
  6. Now, set a new password for your Snapchat account (your password should be at least 8 characters long), and tap on continue.
  7. Enter your mobile number and click continue (Your phone number should be active).
  8. Now, enter OTP which you will receive through text message on your registered mobile number.
  9. Almost done! Now, if you want to add friends the tap add otherwise click skip on the top right corner.
  10. Create your Bitmoji by clicking on create with camera.
  11. It’s done! Enjoy Snapchat.

How to send someone a Private Message on Snapchat

Open Snapchat, and then swipe right to access your list of Friends. From there, tap on a friend’s name to open their profile. Next, tap on their phone number to open a window where you can send them a private message. Type out your message and press Send when you’re done. This is how to send someone a private message on Snapchat.

Downloading Snapchat On An Apple Device

First, download Snapchat onto your Apple device. To do so, open up your App Store, enter Snapchat into its search box, and select it from any results that come up. (If you don’t see any results, try searching for Snapchat Inc. instead.) Tap on Snapchat to select it from within the App Store. Next, tap on Get or a similar button to confirm your selection.

Downloading Snapchat On An Android Device

Snapchat was once only available on Apple devices, but it is now also offered to Android users. In order to download Snapchat on your Android device, go to Google Play and search for Snapchat or click here. This will take you directly to Snapchat’s Google Play page where you can download and install it.

What Are Snapchat Filters & Lenses?

How do I use Snapchat Filters & Lenses? In case you’re new to Snapchat, filters are graphics that you can add over your face in a video or image. Once you capture your video or image, swipe right to view different available filters and lenses. 

Swipe left and right until you find one that strikes your fancy, then tap on it. Your recording will include whatever filter or lens you choose until you tap done to finish up.

What are Snapstreaks in Snapchat?

Snapchat has introduced a new feature in version 10 of its app that lets you see how many consecutive days you’ve sent snaps to your friends. You can even add streaks of your friends and see how long you have to go until your streak breaks. Here’s everything you need to know about Snapstreaks, what they are, and how to keep them going strong.


I hope this article helped you to turn on dark mode on your Snapchat iOS device. If you’re looking for how to turn on dark mode on an Android device then don’t search for these things because dark mode features on Android are not available.

If you have any questions related to Snapchat dark mode then please let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to share it. 

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