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PUBG New State Apk and iOS mobile game was released on 11 November 2021. It’s released for both Android and iOS devices. You can download PUBG New State Apk and iOS from here.

PUBG New State Release

Here’s Complete Information About PUBG New State Mobile Video Game.

PUBG New state Apk

PUBG Mobile New State (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds): A huge news for all PUBG game lovers who belong to India. Yes! PUBG New State has been live in India.

Now, it is available for both iOS and Android Users. Android users can download PUBG New State Apk from Google Play Store. At the same time, iOS users can download PUBG New State 0.9.17 iOS from App Store.

The game developer, Krafton studio, has announced that PUBG New State is now available for Android and Apple iOS users.

Both iOS and Android users can download PUBG New State mobile games. The game will be available for free in the respective app stores. 

As soon as the PUBG game was launched, many users downloaded the game. So far, more than 30 million downloads have been done on Android. The same ios have more than 2 million downloads.

People like PUBG games very much in India. Even before this PUBG game was played in India, but it was closed by the Government of India.

But once again, PUBG mobile game has been launched in India.

In this article, you will learn everything about the PUBG New State game, like downloading the PUBG game on Android & iOS devices, PUBG’s new state featuresprice, and many more. 

We will update this page as new PUBG game news become available, so keep checking for the latest PUBG information. 

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What is PUBG New State?

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First, let’s clarify that PUBG New State is not PUBG 2. It is another version of PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). 

The PUBG: New State is a new battle royal mobile game for Android or iOS users. 

The game’s futuristic setting makes it different from the original mobile version. It takes place in 2051 on a new map called Troi. These features allow for advanced weapons and other perks. 

In PUBG New State mobile game, 100 players can play the game simultaneously and fight with various weapons until one party remains.

Use the gear, vehicles, and even consumables to stay out of the open fire zones within the Battlegrounds and be the last Survivor remaining!

Here’s what you will get in the PUBG New State game:

  • The game is an online multiplayer Battle Royale in which 100 players are competing to survive. However, the gameplay visuals will change dramatically.
  • Krafton(game developer) described that PUBG: New State will feature “ultrarealistic graphics.” PUBG’s New State will employ global illumination technology for natural light flow.
  • It will also make use of Vulkan(API) to ensure stable service and optimized performance.
  • The maps will be completely original and will be created in “anarchic” 2051
  • The game will receive upgraded mechanics that include dodging, drone calling, and support requests.
  • New vehicles with futuristic designs will also feature in the PUBG State mobile game.
  • The game will have many objectives that will help even players in weaker positions.


PUBG New State Video game


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds






Android & iOS

Game Type

Battle royale game, Survival game

Download PUBG New State  (Android)

Download PUBG New State 0.9.17 (iOS)






Features of PUBG New State

Using the latest technology for Ultra-realistic graphics PUBG: 

  • New State is a step above what was previously achievable in graphics for mobile gaming.
  • A huge open-world battlefield with the level of realistic play that is achievable only through PUBG STUDIO
  • New STATE PUBG is the name given to the next generation of PUBG graphics
  • The most awe-inspiring PUBG experience in your hands
  • Vulkan(API) provides reliable service with better performance and efficiency.

Realistic and exciting gunplay: 

  • Fully optimized for mobile devices, you can enjoy the PUBG experience on your smartphone.
  • Make your guns custom to meet your requirements and stay safe in the firing zone of the Battlegrounds using PUBG’s exclusive weapon attachment system.

Interactive gameplay that is a next-gen action:

  • A new battleground as well as innovative mechanics in the game PUBG NEW STATE. 
  • They include drone calls, dodges, and support requests.

Use the new vehicles in the PUBG: 

  • NEW STATE game to swiftly move around the battleground that is 8×8.
  • An intense PUBG experience, achieved through a variety of goals in the game and on Battlegrounds which can change the tide of battle

PUBG New State Apk Requirements

  • CPU: 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • OS: Android 6.0 or higher
  • Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher


PUBG New State iOS 0.9.17 Requirements

  • iOS: 13.0 or higher
  • RAM: 2GB or Higher


PUBG Mobile New State Price

The game will be available for free. We expect PUBG New State to include in-game content that can be purchased, including skins, weapons, future expansions, as well as its predecessor.

Krafton confirmed that the game would launch “as an entirely free-to-play experience.”

PUBG NEW State Android Version

The current version of PUBG New Sate for Android users is For play this game on mobile, your Android device should be 6.0 or Up. Also, it requires at least 2GB RAM otherwise game will lack. The size of PUBG Apk file is 1.5.GB.

PUBG New State iOS Version

The current version of PUBG New State for iOS users is 0.9.17. For play this game, your iOS compatibility should be 13.0 or above. It requires at least 2GM RAM for better game experience. The size of PUBG iOS file is 1.5 GB.

PUBG New State Language Support

The PUBG game available in more than 10 languages. Here’s the list:

English, German, Arabic, Vietnamese, French, Korean, Japanese’s, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian.


I hope you liked this PUBG New State post. You can download this game for both Android and iOS devices. The PUBG New State Apk for Android devices, and PUBG New State iOS 0.9.17 for iOS devices.

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